Husqvarna 1055GN Generator Owners Manual

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Model Year2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
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SERVICE 2007-12 O0707904 531 30 97-19 5500 Watt Portable Generator 1055GN Husqvarna® is a registered trademark of Husqvarna AB and is used under license to Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group, LLC. Manual No. 204839A Revision – (08/25/2007) Thank you for purchasing this quality-built Husqvarna generator. We are pleased that you’ve placed your confidence in the Husqvarna brand. When operated and maintained according to the instructions in this manual, your Husqvarna generator will provide many years of dependable service.

Power Equipment User Manual Free Download. Electric Generator for Power Manual. Free Manual Download PDF. Years covered by this manual: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012.

This manual contains safety information to make you aware of the hazards and risks associated with generator products and how to avoid them. This generator is designed and intended only for supplying electrical power for operating compatible electrical lighting, appliances, tools and motor loads, and is not intended for any other purpose. It is important that you read and understand these instructions thoroughly before attempting to start or operate this equipment. Save these instructions for future reference. This generator requires final assembly before use. Refer to the Assembly section of this manual for instructions on final assembly procedures. Follow the instructions completely. Where to Find Us You never have to look far to find Briggs & Stratton support and service for your generator. Consult your Yellow Pages. There are over 30,000 Briggs & Stratton authorized service dealers worldwide who provide quality service. You can also contact Husqvarna Customer Service by phone at (877) 4-0458, or on the Internet at Generator Model Number Revision Serial Number Engine Model Number Type Number Code Number Date Purchased Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group, LLC 900 North Parkway Jefferson, WI 53549 2007 Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group, LLC. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means without the express written permission of Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group, LLC. Husqvarna® is a registered trademark of Husqvarna AB and is used under license to Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group, LLC. Table of Contents Operator Safety . .4 Equipment Description 4 Safety Rules 4 Unpack Generator Install Wheel Kit . Add Engine Oil Add Fuel . System Ground Connecting to a Building’s Electrical System . Generator Location .

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