All Power America 3500 APG3002 Generator With Mobility Kit Owners Manual

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APG3002 TM 3500 WATT GENERATOR WITH MOBILITY KIT Owner’s Manual 3.5KW GENERATOR Table of Contents Topic Safety Guidelines ­ Definitions General Precautions Assembly Specifications General Parts Listing Engine Parts Listing Installation Operation Inspection, Cleaning, and Maintenance Compliance Limited Warranty Page 3 3 11 13 15 18 22 24 27 28 29 2 Owner’s Manual Safety Guidelines – Definitions This manual contains important information that you need to know and understand in order to protect YOUR SAFETY and to PREVENT EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS.

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The following symbols help you recognize this information. Please read the manual and pay attention to these sections. WARNING! WARNINGS INDICATE A CERTAINTY OR STRONG POSSIBILITY OF PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH IF INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT FOLLOWED. CAUTION: CAUTIONS INDICATE A POSSIBILITY OF EQUIPMENT DAMAGE IF INSTRUCTIONS ARE NOT FOLLOWED. Note: Notes give helpful information. WARNING! IMPROPER OPERATION OR MAINTENANCE OF THIS PRODUCT COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY AND PROPERTY DAMAGE. READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL WARNINGS AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING THIS EQUIPMENT. WHEN USING AIR TOOLS, BASIC SAFETY PRECAUTIONS SHOULD ALWAYS BE FOLLOWED TO REDUCE THE RISK OF PERSONAL INJURY. Save These Important Safety Instructions! Read and understand all of these safety instructions. Be sure to retain them for future use. General Precautions WARNING! FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAN RESULT IN SEVERE INJURY OR DEATH. CAUTION: FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAN ALSO RESULT IN DAMAGE TO THE TOOL AND/OR THE ITEM YOU ARE WORKING ON. 3 3.5KW Generator Carbon Monoxide When this tool is running, ensure that the area is well ventilated. Never run the engine in an enclosed area. Run the engine in an open area or with an exhaust evacuation system in an enclosed area. WARNING! THE EXHAUST CONTAINS POISONOUS CARBON MONOXIDE GAS THAT CAN CAUSE LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND MAY LEAD TO DEATH. Gasoline and Oil This product requires oil and fuel. Attempting to start the engine without oil will ruin the engine and void the warranty. Work in well ventilated area. Keep cigarettes, flames or sparks away from the work area or where gasoline is stored. WARNING! GASOLINE IS EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE AND IS EXPLOSIVE UNDER CERTAIN CONDITIONS. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Gasoline fuel and fumes are flammable and potentially explosive. Use proper fuel storage and handling procedures. Always have multiple ABC class fire extinguishers nearby. Keep the generator and surrounding area clean at all times. Fuel or oil spills must be cleaned up immediately. Dispose of fluids and cleaning materials as per any local, state, or federal codes and regulations. Store oily rags in a covered metal container. Never store fuel or other flammable materials near the generator. Do not smoke, or allow sparks, flames or other sources of ignition around the engine and fuel tank. Fuel vapors are explosive. Keep grounded conductive objects, such as tools, away from exposed, live electrical parts and connections to avoid sparking or arcing. These events could ignite fumes or vapors. Do not refill the fuel tank while the engine is running or while the engine is still hot. Do not operate the generator with known leaks in the fuel system. Use only engine manufacturer recommended fuel and oil. 4 Owner’s Manual General Precautions (cont’d) Gasoline and Oil (cont’d) Excessive buildup of unburned fuel gases in the exhaust system can create a potentially explosive condition. This buildup can occur after repeated failed start attempts, valve testing, or hot engine shutdown. If this occurs, open exhaust system drain plugs, if equipped, and allow the gases to dissipate before attempting to restart the generator. Hot Components WARNING! ENGINE AND EXHAUST SYSTEM PARTS BECOME VERY HOT AND REMAIN HOT FOR SOME TIME AFTER THE ENGINE IS RUN.


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