All Power America 3500 APG3535 Generator Owners Manual

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í 3500W Propane Generator Compliance UNITED STATES ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY WASHINGTON, DC 20460 2006 Model Year Certificate of Conformity Manufacturer: JIANGSU JIANGDONG GROUP CO. LTD. Small SI Engine Family: 6JDGS.1961LA Certificate Number: JDG-NRSI-06-04 HC+NOx EL: gkW-hr N/A Date Issued: SEP 08 2005 Merrylin Zaw-Mon, Director Certification and Compliance Division Office of Transportation and Air Quality Pursuant to Section 213 of the Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. section 7547) and 40 CFR 90, and subject to the terms and conditions prescribed in those provisions, this certificate of conformity is hereby issued for the following small nonroad engine family, more fully described in the documentation required by 40 CFR 90 and produced in the stated model year.

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This certificate of conformity covers only those new small nonroad engines which conform in all material respects to the design specifications that applied to those engines described in the documentationrequired by 40 CFR Part90 and which are produced during the model year stated on this certificate. This certificate of conformity does not cover small nonroad engines imported prior to the effectivedate of the certificate. It is a term of this certificate that the manufacturer shall consent to all inspections described in 40 CFR 90.126 and 90.506 and authorized in a warrant or court order. Failure to comply with the requirements of such a warrant or court order may lead to revocation or suspension of this certificate for reasons specified in 40 CFR Part90. It is also a term of this certificate that this certificate may be revoked or suspended or rendered void ab initio for other reasons specified in 40 CFR Part90. This certificate does not cover small nonroad engines sold, offered for sale, or introduced, or delivered for introduction, into commerce in the U.S. prior to the effective date of the certificate.


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