All Power America 6500 APG3201 Generator Owners Manual

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APG3201 TM DIESEL GENERATOR 6500 WATT AIR-COOLED Owner’s Manual READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS! AIR-COOLED DIESEL GENERATOR TABLE OF CONTENTS Page number Chapter 1 Technical Specifications and Data 1-1 Technical specifications and data 1-2 Basic operating instructions 1-3 General dimensions and overview of generator Chapter 2 Operating the Diesel Generator 2-1 Main points of safety during operation of the generator 2-2 Preparation before operation 2-3 Checking the operation of the diesel engine 2-4 Starting the generator 2-5 Procedures for starting the generator 2-6 Proper operation of the generator 2-7 Loading 2-8 Stopping the generator Chapter 3 Maintenance 3-1 Maintenance schedules 3-2 Storing for a long period of time Chapter 4 Troubleshooting 4-1 troubleshooting procedures 4-2 Questions and concerns Chapter 5 Generator Parts Diagrams and Listings Limited Warranty 31 2 AIR-COOLED DIESEL GENERATOR CHAPTER 1.

Power Equipment User Manual Free Download. Electric Generator for Power Manual. Free Manual Download PDF.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS AND DATA 1-1 Technical specifications and data CHANGFA Single-cylinder diesel generator CFA6500CL E /CF A6500CX E Rated frequency (Hz) 60 220 230 240 110 Rated voltage (V) /220 115/230 120/2 40 Rated output power 4.5 (kVA) Max output power 5 (kVA) Rated rotation speed 3600 (rpm) Power factor cos_ 1 Phase number Pole number Excitation Transistorized ATS type Structure type Fuel consumption(g/kw.h) Fuel tank capacity(L) Continuour running time(hr)(at rated power) Noise level [dBA/7m](zero load full load) Net weight (kg) Overall dimension (L_W_H) Single 2 self-excitation , Brushless without ATS Open-frame 340 12.5 7.5 75-79 L X:95; E:100 CFA6500CL E S /CFA6500CX E S 60 380/220 400/230 420/240 4.5 5 3600 1 Three 2 self-excitation constant voltage (AVR) without ATS Open-frame 340 12.5 7.5 75-79 L X:95 E3:100 29 “_19 “_26.25 ” 29 “_19 “_26.25 ” 3 OWNER’S MANUAL Starter system C: recoil starter E: recoil starter/electric C: recoil starter E: recoil starter/electric starter Fuel type Lube oil Engine model Engine type Bore _ stroke(mm) Displacement(cm3) Compression ratio Rated power [kW/rpm] Rotation direction(from the flywheel) 0# (summer), 1 0 # 0# (summer), 10# (winter), (winter), 3 5 # ( c h i l l 35#(chill cold) diesel cold) diesel SAE 15W 40 SAE 15W 40 L X:CFA186F L X3:CFA186F E:CFA186FE E3:CFA186FE Single-cylinder,4stroke,airSingle-cylinder,4-stroke,aircooled,vertical,diesel engine cooled,vertical,diesel engine.


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