All Power America 6500 APG3202 Silent Diesel Generator Owners Manual

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APG3202 TM DIESEL GENERATOR Owner’s Manual 6500 WATT SILENT READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS! Preface Thank you for purchasing this ALL-Power Generator. We are proud of our products and have designed this unit for years of safe, reliable service. This manual will instruct you in the proper operation and service of your All-Power generator. Please read this manual prior to using the generator to insure safe and proper operation. At all times, follow the instructions to keep your generator in the best working condition and to extend its life.

Should you have any comments or problems, please contact us at 888-896-6881 and we will direct you to an authorized parts and service center. Unless there was concealed damage, do not take this unit back to the retailer where you purchased it. We will work with you to answer any questions and solve any problems. This manual addresses the general operation of this unit. As products and their operation can change, this manual is intended only for use with this specific model and does not refer to any other models offered by our company. Please pay particular attention to the warning and caution indicators both within this manual and on the unit itself. A warning label indicates that severe personal injury or even death may occur if you do not follow the instructions. A caution label indicates that either serious personal injury or equipment damage may result if instructions are not followed. The All-Power diesel generator will perform safely and to specification if operated according to the following instructions. Failure to do so may result in serious personal injury and/or equipment damage. If you do not understand the contents of this instruction manual, contact All-Power America, at 626-961-5640 for further clarification. 1 Warning: 1. Prevent the threat of fire o Never add fuel while the engine is running. o Wipe off any spilled fuel with a clean cloth before starting. o Keep all explosive and flammable items safely away from the generator. o Maintain adequate ventilation with at least three feet of clear space on all sides of the generator from buildings and other pieces of equipment. o NEVER operate this unit in a closed room or garage. o Only operate the generator on a level surface o Do not store the generator indoors while the engine is still hot. 2. Prevent Inhalation of Exhaust Fumes o Carbon Monoxide is an odorless gas that can kill you! o Do not operate this generator in a confined space where the exhaust cannot escape. This means: Do not use this unit indoors. Do not use this unit in a closed garage. Do not attempt to vent the exhaust of this unit outdoors while using the unit indoors. o Should you experience a headache, ringing in your ears or begin to feel drowsy, immediately get some fresh air away from the generator. 3. Prevent being burned o The muffler and engine body of this generator get very hot when the engine is operating or shortly thereafter. Do Not Touch these parts or you may be severely burned. 4. Prevent Electrical Shocks and Short Circuits o To avoid electrical shocks or short circuits, do not: Touch the unit with wet hands Stand in water Operate in the rain or place the unit in standing water 2 o Note: This generator is not waterproof and therefore should not be placed in rain, snow, standing water or any area where there could be water spray. Operating a unit in these environments may cause electrical short circuits that can cause electrical shocks. o This generator should also be grounded to prevent electrical shocks from faulty appliances. To ground this unit, simply connect a length of heavy copper wire between the unit and a ground source. o Do Not plug in any power cord until after the unit is operating. If equipment is attached when starting the generator, it may cause the unit to move resulting in potential injury. Caution Most appliances require more power to start than their rated wattage. Therefore make certain that you do not overload the generator with too many appliances. Do not exceed the current limit of any of the sockets on the generator. Do not connect the generator to a household circuit. The may cause damage to the generator and also to the wiring in your house as well as the electrical appliances. 5. Batteries: Batteries contain sulfuric acid which can burn your eyes and skin. Whenever working with a battery, protect your eyes and skin from exposure to the acid. In case of contact with any acid, act immediately by thoroughly flushing the affected area with clean cold water and seek prompt medical attention. Batteries also generate hydrogen gas which can be extremely explosive. Do not smoke or allow flames near a battery, especially while in a charging mode. Always charge batteries in a fully ventilated area. 3 Contents 1. Technical Specifications and Data 1 2. Configurations 2 3. Before Starting Your Generator 4 4. Starting the Generator .8 5. Operating Your Generator 9 6. Your Generators Capacity 10 7. Stopping Your Generator . 14 8. Periodic Maintenance and Testing 15 9. Long-Term Storage . 19 10. Troubleshooting & Solutions 20 11. Generator Parts Diagram 21 12. Limited Warranty .25 4 1.


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