Coleman Powermate PM0601100 Generator Owners Manual

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PM0601100 Insert Additif Adición ELECTRIC GENERATOR GROUPE ELECTROGENE GENERADOR ELECTRICO IMPORTANT ­ Please make certain that persons who are to use this equipment thoroughly read and understand these instructions and any additional instructions provided prior to operation. IMPORTANT – Prière de vous assurer que les personnes destinées à utiliser cet appareil ont pris soin d’en lire et d’en comprendre le mode d’emploi ou les directives avant de le mettre en marche. IMPORTANTE. Asegúrese que las personas que utilizarán este equipo lean y entiendan completamente estas instrucciones y cualquier instrucción adicional proporcionada antes del funcionamiento.

Power Equipment User Manual Free Download. Electric Generator for Power Manual. Free Manual Download PDF.

Coleman Powermate, Inc. 4970 Airport Road P. O. Box 6001 Kearney, NE 68848 1-800-445-1805 1-308-237-2181 Fax 1-308-234-4187 LFL 07/04 0062516 MAJOR GENERATOR FEATURES * * * * * * * * * 20 HP Honda OHV engine Cast-iron cylinder sleeve Low oil sensor Receptacles on control panel Electric Start Idle control CordKeeperTM 8 gallon plastic fuel tank Portability Kit E. CONTROL PANEL 120 Volt GFCI Receptacle Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter duplex receptacle is rated so that a total of 20 amps may be drawn regardless of whether both halves or just one receptacle is used. This receptacle may be used along with other receptacles provided the generator is not overloaded and total power drawn is kept within nameplate ratings. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (Conforms to U.L 943, Class A and NEC requirements) This device protects you against hazardous electrical shock that may be caused if your body becomes a path through which electricity travels to reach ground. This could happen when you touch an appliance or cord that is ” live ” through faulty mechanism, damp or worn insulation, etc. 120 Volt, 30 Ampere Twistlock Receptacle You may draw a maximum of 30 amps from this receptacle. If other receptacles are used at the same time, total power used must be kept within nameplate ratings. C. 120/240 Volt Heavy Duty Receptacle This receptacle is rated at 50 amps but the current must be limited to the nameplate rating. If this receptacle is used along with the 120 volt receptacles, the total load drawn must not exceed the nameplate ratings. Circuit Breakers The receptacles are protected by an AC circuit breaker. If the generator is overloaded or an external short circuit occurs, the circuit breaker will trip. If this occurs, disconnect all electrical loads and try to determine the cause of the problem before attempting to use the generator again. If overloading causes the circuit breaker to trip, reduce the load. NOTE: Continuous tripping of the circuit breaker may cause damage to generator or equipment. The circuit breaker may be reset by pushing the button of the breaker. D. B. A. Idle Control Switch The Idle Control circuit is designed to extend engine life and improve fuel usage by slowing the engine down to approximately 2000 RPM in a “No Load ” condition. The noise is also greatly reduced during this condition. When power is required from the generator an electronic control module automatically senses current flow in the electrical outlet and allows the engine to return to full speed or standard operating condition. Likewise, when the load is removed, the generator will automatically return to the idle condition after a 4-5 second delay.


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