Honda Generator EB3000 EB4000 Owners Manual

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HONDA Power Equipment Owner’s Manual GENERATOR EB3000· EB4000 1981 Honda Motor Co., Ltd.- Thank you for purchasing a Honda generator. This manual covers operation and maintenance of the EB3000 and EB4000 generators. All information in this publication is based on the latest product information available at the time of approval for printing. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission.

This manual should be considered a permanent part of the generator and remain with the generator when sold. Pay special attention to statements preceded by the following words: l?iWl;iii@J Indicates a strong possibility of severe personal injury or loss of life if instructions are not followed. CAUTION: Indicates a possibility of personal injury or equipment damage if instructions are not followed. NOTE: Gives helpful information. If a problem should arise, or if you have any questions about the generator, consult an authorized Honda dealer. l?t9!;i@!0 ” 8 3. Make sure the auto-throttle switch is off, or more time will be required for warm up. AUTO·THROTTLE SWITCH 4. Turn the engine switch on. ENGINE SWITCH 9 5. Pull the starter grip until compression is felt, then pull briskly. NOTE: Do not allow the starter grip to snap back. Return it slowly by hand. STARTER GRIP 6. Push the choke rod to OPEN as the engine warms up. CHOKE ROD 7. If auto-throttle will be used, turn the switch to “AUTO ” after the engine has warmed up. 10 5. GENERATOR USE Pi’&l;iiiiiti To prevent electrical shock from faulty appliances, the generator should be grounded. Connect a length of heavy wire between the ground terminal and the ground source. CAUTION: · Limit operation requiring maximum power (EB3000 : 3.0 kVA, EB4000 : 4.0 kVA) to 30 minutes. For continuous operation, do not exceed the rated power of 2.8 kVA (EB3000) and 3.8 kVA (EB4000). In either case, the total wattage of all appliances connected must be considered. · Do not exceed the current limit specified for anyone receptacle. · Do not connect the generator to a household circuit. This could cause damage to the generator or to electrical appliances in the house. Auto-throttle system With the switch in the AUTO position, engine speed is automatically reduced to an idle when all loads are turned off or disconnected. When appliances are turned on or reconnected, the engine resumes the rated speed. At OFF, the auto-throttle system does not operate. NOTE: · AUTO is recommended to minimize fuel consumption. · The auto-throttle system will not respond to electrical loads of less than 1 ampere. · The system is not effective for use with appliance that require only momentary power. To avoid extended warm-up periods, keep the switch OFF until the engine reaches operating temperature. 11 AC applications 1. Turn the voltage selector switch to either position as required. When the switch is turned to “120V ON LY ” position, you can use only 120V AC. At “120V1240V ” position, you can use both 120V and 240V sources. 2. Switch on the AC Circuit Breakers. 3. Plug in the appliance. NOTE: This generator is equipped with an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) for stable voltage supply. CAUTION: Be sure that appliances do not exceed the rated load for more than 30 minutes, and never exceed the maximum load. Substantial overloading will switch off the circuit breaker. Lesser overloading will not switch off the circuit breaker and will shorten the service life of the generator. 12 6. STOPPING THE ENGINE To stop the engine in an emergency. turn the engine switch OFF. In normal use: ,. Turn the AC circuit breakers OF F. 2. Turn the engine switch OFF. ENGINE SWITCH 13 3. Turn the fuel valve OFF. FUEL VALVE 14 7. MAINTENANCE The purpose of the maintenance schedule and adjustment is to keep the generator in the best operating condition. Inspect or service as scheduled in the table on the next page. 1′?f.’djlil@J Shut off the engine before performing any maintenance. If the engine must be run, make sure the area is well ventilated. The exhaust contains poisonous carbon monoxide gas. CAUTION: Use only genuine HONDA parts or their equivalent. The use of replacement parts which are not of equivalent quality may damage the generator. 15 Maintenance Schedule REGULAR SERVICE PERIOD Perform at every indicated month or oper· ating hour interval, whichever occurs first. ITEM Inspection Engine oil Change Air cleaner element Inspection Cleaning Daily First month or 20 Hrs. Every 3 months or 50 Hrs. Every 6 months or 100 Hrs. Every year or 300 Hrs. · · · · (1) · Fuel filter cleaning Spark plug maintenance Valve clearance adjustment Combustion chamber and valve cleaning Fuel line inspection (Replace if necessary) Spark arrester (2) (2) · · Clean every 100 operating hours. NOTE (1): Service more frequently when used in dusty areas.

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