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Willie Hickman on Nov 02, 2017.

I use to help my mom sew thing a long time ago. These instruction help bring everything back. Great details.

Scott on Sep 09, 2017. Janome 107 108 Owners Manual

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Cj on Jun 24, 2017.

Thanks, looking forward to receiving the manual. We need one for troubleshooting.

Yvette Ramirez on Apr 14, 2017. manual

Need the users manual for Janome HF107

Stacy on Apr 08, 2016. Greay

Great loved it. Excellent work

M on Jul 13, 2015.

Unable to review, just bought Janome 108

Steve on Jun 18, 2015. Janome 108

Thank you. I am so grateful. I am so happy.

Nsubuga Kiwanuka on Apr 25, 2015. Mr.

It is nice having such people as you.

Bernie Adkins on Feb 24, 2015.

So happy to find this!! I can finally use my machine!

Glenda on Nov 09, 2014.

I am so grateful to receive this item. It's just what I need to learn how to operate my machine. Thank you!


INSTRUCTION BOOK LIVRET D’INSTRUCTIONS MODEL MODÈLE 107/108 Do’s and Don’ts CHOSES A FAIRE ET A EVITER 1. Garder toujours a l’esprit Ie mouvement de va-et-vient vertical de l’aiguille et se concentrer sur son travail lorsque la machine est en marche. 1. Always be aware of the up-and-down movement of the needle and do not turn your attention from the machine while it is running. 2. When leaving the sewing machine unattended, the main switch of the machine must be switched off or the plug must be removed from the socket-outlet.

Sewing Machine User Manual Free Download. Sewing Machine Operator’s Manual. Free Instruction Manual Download PDF.

2. Quand vous laissez la machine sans surveillance, toujours fermer la machine ou Deburancher la prise de courant. 3. When servIcing the sewing machine, or when removing covers or changing lamps, the machin or the electrical set must be disconnected from the supply by removing the plug from the socket·outlet 3. Toujours fermer la machine ou debrancher la machine de source exterieur du courant electrique, quand vous reparez la machine, ou quand vous enlevez Ie capot pour changer I ‘ampoule. 4. Do not place anything on the foot control, otherwise the machine wi II start inadvertently, or the control or motor may burn out. The maximum permissible power for the sewing lamp bulb is 15 watts. 4. Ne rien deposer sur fa commande au pied car cela pounrzit[aire demarrer accidentellement fa machine ou faire surchauffer excessivement la commande ou Ie moteur. 5. 6. 5. When using your sewing machine for the first time, place a piece of waste fabric under the presser foot and run the machine without thread for a few minutes. Wipe away any oil which may have appeared·. La puissance maximum admissible pour l’ampoule est de 15 watts. Lorsque l’on utilise la machined co.udre pour la premiere/ois, mettre un bout de chiffon sous Ie pied et laire tourner la machine sans fil pendant quelques minutes. Essuyer toutes les traces d ‘huile qui pou “aient apporoitre. 6. TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION I ESSENTIAL PARTS SECTION IV UTILITY STITCHING Names of Parts 4-5 SECTION H GETTING READY TO SEW Connecting the Machine to the Power·Supply Foot Control :: wing Light · . Extension Table (Accessory Box) Dropping the Feed Dogs · . To Snap On and Snap Off the Presser Foot Changing Needles . Thread and Needle Chart Removing or Inserting the Bobbin Case . Winding the Bobbin Threading Bobbin Case Threading the Mach ine · Drawing Up Bobbin Thread Balancing Needle Thread Tension Pattern Selector Dial . Stitch Length Dial Reverse Stitch Lever.

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